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Question about "Online Status" with Jpay

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  • Question about "Online Status" with Jpay

    Hey everyone,

    Iím not really sure this is the right sub-forum to ask this, but I donít see anywhere else it would fit.

    My question is about showing up as online with Jpay, both on the inmateís side, and on our side of the screen. I have three pen pals through Jpay, and Iíve noticed when I log in the inmate/offender drop down menu often rotates between profiles in a random sort of pattern. Does this show they have recently been online or checked their account?

    And also on the inmateís side of things, is there any way for them to tell if and when Iím online or read their messages? Like do names go to the top of their contact list with the most recent online, or anything along those lines?

    Just curious, because I had a comment from one of my pen pals recently saying something like ďSorry for not writing lately, I know youíve been checking your account a lotĒ.

    Thanks in advance for all replies.

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    No the inmates do not see that an individual is online, or can tell if you've checked your inbox for email from them. They are not connected online that way or to the internet, I know on ourside we just see Sent when we send an Email, I'm not sure if they see Sent on their side when they send one to us. I also would think with the names coming up in different orders that it may just be a random thing that happens but maybe JPay Customer Service can help answer those questions for you. Here is the phone for the Service Side of JPay

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    (800) 574-JPAY (5729)

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