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Saving jpay via android

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  • Saving jpay via android

    I have found a way to save my jpays to my SD card with my android & taking them to get printed as a picture at Walgreens.
    First you'll need to download a file manager. I got mine from the google playstore.
    When I log in & go in my inbox I touch the screen till the save image shows, then touch [save] I can't see my jpay without going into my file manager. I'll go into the [download] file & I'll see "ShowAttachment.apex" which is my jpay. I then change the file name, usually I'll use the date
    ex: 1.23.13.jpg or loveletter3.jpg
    Using .jpg is very important!!! .jpg is turning the file into a printable picture. When I'm done, I'll take my SD card to Walgreens & pick a nice border & have them printed out... I like doing that with the love poems my husband writes for me & with a nice border to put in a frame. The others I have a photo album to stick them in... Just thought I'd share this lil bit of info... Most of us have droids but don't know the possibilities of having one...
    On this one love poem I took a picture of the tree in the front yard. With one of my apps (picsay pro) I over lapped the poem so the the tree stayed in the background before having it printed, it looked awesome!!! Hope some of you come up with some wonderful memories & have fun with your creative self

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    great info - thanks for posting that!
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