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    Hi all. I'm seeking a prayer request for my husband whom was wrongly accused of a crime he didn't commit. This whole situation is new to us and we have never been apart. I'm glad this forum is here because I don't feel alone and there's others that's going through the same situation. I hate that our loved ones have to go through this. It's hard especially when you can see, touch, or talk to them. All you can do is write letters instead of hold them and love them... But I know God got this all under control! I have faith. Please pray for my husband. I will continue for everyone as well too that's going through this and their loved ones. Thank you.

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    I'm asking for prayers for my son. He has just recently been transferred to the Robertson Unit in Abilene Tx. I am worried about him cause I'm not reading anything good about this Unit. Searching for information on it. He only has a little over a year left. Just asking to put our God to protect him in this new setting. I know it's God's plan for his journey down this road. Just hard for this Mama as it is 4hrs from me so it will be hard to visit. Thank you


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      Lord I ask in your name to watch over all the inmates,I pray for peace in this world.Amen