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Class Action Settlement for Video Visits

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  • Class Action Settlement for Video Visits

    On May 10, I received an e-mail message from JPay about a class action settlement for video visits. The class includes anyone who paid for a video visit but did not get the full 30 minutes of visiting time. And it includes anyone who had this problem on any video visit dating all the way back to December, 2009.

    I am curious if others have received this message. The message was probably sent to anyone who has ever paid for a video visit. But some may have accidentally deleted it, thinking it was junk mail or some sort of advertising. And in some cases, you might not have received the message if you changed the e-mail address associated with your JPay account.

    There is a very short window of time to file a claim. You have to fill out a form and send it by e-mail by June 12.

    If your claim is approved, you get a free transferable video visitation credit.

    I think it's great that someone decided to file suit over the fact that video visits were not getting the full 30 minutes. But I'm not convinced that they are doing enough to notify everyone who is eligible for the settlement.

    Even if you never had a video visit that ended early, you may still be eligible. If you paid for a video visit, and it did not start on time, even if the delay was only a couple minutes, you are eligible to file a claim.

    And they are not explaining the claims process very well. It seems to me that you can file a separate claim for each video visit that you had, if it wasn't the full 30 minutes. The claim form asks for the date of each visit. You can find that in the history of your JPay account. But you may have to log in from a computer. I don't know if the history is available in the mobile app.

    And the process for filing the claim form is burdensome. You have to print the form, fill it out by hand and sign it, and then somehow e-mail it to JPay. That means you either have to scan it, or you have to take a very high quality photo of the form, and make sure all the information you printed is readable in the photo. And you have to fill out a separate form for each video visit you had that did not get the full 30 minutes.

    And these details are not explained very well in the e-mail message.

    I invite anyone who has or has not received the e-mail message to share their thoughts on this.


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    how do we get the claim forms I would like to try to recoup some of my video visits thanks