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JPay emails still not fixed

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  • JPay emails still not fixed

    My son is at Westville Correctional facility. I buy stamps from JPay and always include a stamp so he can write me back. I have sent many emails to JPay asking for help and no one has answered any questions. Today I got an email dated Oct 31 from my son!! Sometimes he gets my emails and sometimes he doesnt. It always says SENT in my account when I send an email. I dont know who or where they are sent to but half the time my son doesnt get any emails I send. The thing is I pay for stamps that are being wasted because neither of us get any emails half the time or they are 2 or 3 weeks old. I wish someone could help. Thanks for listening.

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    Have you tried calling the 1-800 number??
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      Thank you. Yes I have called customer service and they say they are not aware of any problems at this time but they were having problems back in August and it was fixed. I guess theres nothing they can do but when I send my son money it always has a place to send a free message and that goes through just fine with the money I send. Thanks again.


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        ​how can you add a stamp to your jpay mail ? Ii would like to add stamps as well since stamps seem to be limited in comissionary in TX. I could not figure out how stamps can be added to a mail so that the inmate can write back.

        ​Thanks for any info



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          When you write a jpay email there is a box to tick at the bottom of the email to send a stamp


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            Actually there's no box to click, and meanwhile I found out why it is not working. She is located in Murray Unit TX and they are allowed to receive Jpay mail, but they are not allowed to respond the jpay way. So since jpay not permitted, no stamps can be sent.

            ​Delivery though is fast, I was told the mail arrives the same day (due to me writing from 11h hours time zone ahead of TX time).


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              Im from Michigan & My husband has been having major problems with his JP5.. As of 2017 Michigan inmates can no longer have actual photos. I have to zerox copy my pictures on a sheet of paper.. Because of that I spend atleast. $30 or more a month on Jpay stamps so that he can have live pictures. I called Jpay they had me on holdfor days in a row 30mins at a time & did nothing.. After 17yrs Im glad 2020 is around the corner so that jpay & all the rest can be over.. Jpay has no competition in regards to tablets & other email systems so they can slack all they want because Our Loved ones nor US have any other company to Use..