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  • Parole Orientation in Texas

    Does anyone happen to know if they do drug testing (U.A.) at the mandatory parole orientation? I know to they test you at your monthly parole appointments, but do they do it at the orientation also? I'm thinking they don't since there will be between 10-15 people at the orientation, but I'm not sure. The problem is I had a couple drinks on Saturday, and I have my orientation tomorrow morning. I didn't realize the tests could detect alcohol up to 4 days prior to the test. Does anyone happen to know? I just would like to know if I am going to be tested, because if so to then I am going to fail he U.A. Thanks everyone! I appreciate any input you might have. 🙂

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    I googled to see if I could find others experiences and yes they do urine test at the orientation, others mentioned it was up to the parole officer there at the time if they gave a UA.
    It was mentioned that they seem to work with you on your first dirty UA and it's not necessarily a trip to jail or back to prison.

    Good luck,..
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