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How do I get started to post

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  • How do I get started to post

    How do I get started to post

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    Wow. think the post went through. Maybe I may figure it out after all. Kind of confusing though. Maybe it is not good to click on POST LINK


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      I wanted to introduce myself, because this is the first time here.


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        Welcome to The JPay Forum!

        Yes you figured out how to Post on the forum

        There are different Sub Forums on The JPay Forum you can Post under, where ever you see fit to Post or where ever you want to join in a conversation, you're more than welcome!

        When I first joined I clicked on every Link there was on the board, so feel free to do the same, it helps to know what they all do or where they take you to on the board.

        If you need Help or have Questions just Post and I'll see what I can do to help...
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          So nice to hear from you. Thanks