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Wisconsin Prisons Trying to Improve Services

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  • Wisconsin Prisons Trying to Improve Services

    Wisconsin Prisons Trying to Improve Services

    When people are sent to jail they face enough problems; life behind bars, separation from family and loved ones, personal safety, and a loss of many freedoms. This is the price for committing a crime. However, many prisoners also face other issues, such as mental health problems and drug and alcohol addiction. These are debilitating illnesses which will undoubtedly make time served in jail much harder and can be dangerous for the inmate as they may be more prone to hurt themselves or another inmate.
    Prisons in the state of Wisconsin acknowledge that mental health issues among inmates is a concern and that once these residents are behind bars, they are the responsibility of the state. A recent evaluation of the state’s prison system recommended that the Corrections Department screen incoming inmates to be able to detect mental health illnesses so that guards can be better trained to monitor these inmates and that more efficient “release plans” can be created.
    Part of this earlier detection plan will include a course on how inmates who need medication should receive their doses from guards. Also possible is the chance that certain inmates may be transferred to the Wisconsin Resource Center for mental health treatment.
    Services provided by JPay to inmates can make a big difference in their lives. Inmate trust deposits/money can be used to help them purchase items from the commissary. JPay also allows friends and family to stay in touch with their inmates with electronic messaging, the fastest and most cost effective way to stay in touch with an inmate.

    Oct.28, 2009 | Prison News

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    It would be a good idea when WI DOC would have all prisons use jpay; unfortunately just one does; the facility where my husband is, doesnt tho. I wish they would offer this service there too and I keep wondering how to get that done. Is there a way or any help here with that?


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      thats one thing I hate about Wisconsin..... Jpay makes it so much easier.... Its harder for me to get to the post office and send out letters all the time