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Husbands pen packet disappeared

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  • Husbands pen packet disappeared

    What is the process of the pen packet? Where does it go once the officer completes it? Who sends it to state ready?

    Iíve heard that our county has been really bad about filing papers in a timely manner but I didnít think itíd be this bad. Itís been almost two months since the jail claims they sent the packet off. Where it was sent is anybodyís guess though because nobody can tell me the process. I called the district clerk at the recommendation of the receptionist at the jail but theyíre also ignoring me.

    State ready has no record of having receiverd any packets from our county. Nothing pending. Nothing processed. A few of the men in a tank with my husband have been waiting to pull chain since February. Iím frustrated because I canít submit a parole package until he exists in the TDC registry and his number is not currently active. All this time he couldíve been taking classes and working, but instead they have him squirreled away in another county six hours away due to overcrowding.