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Houston Prison ~Shout Outs~

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  • Houston Prison ~Shout Outs~

    Hi Everyone, Not sure if you're aware but there is another show on Sunday nights as well from 10pm to Midnight. It's called Oasis Radio on KKHT 100.7 out of Houston. You can start calling in at 1030pm to give your shout outs. The number is 800.808.5548. It's a Christian based show anchored by Pastor Lonnie Provo. There is another one for Saturday nights but it's on a hiatus until college football is over. That one is out of Dallas and my honey, at Polunsky, was also able to pick that one up. Hope this helps you all get through those long weekends. I know it helps my honey and I. Have a good one, Sherry

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    Is it every Friday id like to try next Friday cuzcuz Sunday is oir anniversary


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      Originally posted by BroLeesWife
      Is it every Friday id like to try next Friday cuzcuz Sunday is oir anniversary
      It's every Friday


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        jrslady... Do you know what all facilities can hear that station?


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          Sorry. Didn't see on here. I'm not sure all the ones that pick up. I call for Polunsky Unit and he hears me just fine.


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            OASIS Radio Program is a faith based radio program, not show, hosted by ex-inmate Pastor Lonnie Provo, along with other former inmates, every Sunday night at 10 p.m. on Houston’s 100.7 FM, “The Word." Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death and supernatural resurrection is the foundational teaching that is shared throughout the program. The listening audience is composed of men and women incarcerated in TDCJ prisons, and their family members and friends on the outside. Although inmates cannot call in to the program, they are able to hear greetings from their families who may be hundreds or even thousands of miles away, and may not have seen each other for 3-5 years on up to 20+ years. Elderly mothers and fathers call the program to express their love through “shout-outs” to inmates, and “I love you dad”, birthday songs, or nursery rhymes from young children keep the staff and listeners in tears. OASIS is broadcast live on, so we regularly receive local callers as well as calls from Maine, Michigan, California, Utah, and even British Columbia, Canada.

            We receive letters from family members and inmates who are Atheist, Wiccans, etc., who are touched by the way the gospel of Jesus is shared with callers. Even the roughest gang member inmates write that the expressions from the children had them weeping in their cell. Mothers and wives weep as they share how repairs need to be done around the house, how the car needs fixing/tires, the kids wouldn’t listen the other day, but mostly how much they love them no matter what they have done, and will be here waiting for them to get out. Families feel totally safe and secure expressing their rawest emotions (including anger, frustration, rejection) in front of countless listeners. We realize that family members on the outside are serving the sentence of the inmate and the family suffers greatly from this separation. OASIS gives families a media outlet to release thoughts and feelings, and families have strengthened their bond since many can’t afford to travel the distances to visit units. This is an outlet for others to realize that they are not the only one going through the same problem a caller shares, and that maybe their own personal situation is not as bad at all.

            When family members are in the Houston area, we do allow them to be live on the program as guests. We encourage inmates to contact us upon release, because we also allow them to be live guests in the studio. Those who cannot come to Houston regularly call the program to “shout-out” to their former cell mates, share their testimony about how they survived being locked up so many years, and the goodness of what God is doing for them on the outside. These callers give hope and inspiration to others in white by telling them about jobs they’ve been blessed with, how good the food is, and even how fast cars go on 6 lane hi-ways! We read poems and letters; sing to each other; laugh at each other’s losing teams; joke about dumb mistakes we made to get into the situation we’re in; but mostly we just love on each other to say that with Jesus everything will be all right!

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