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    Originally posted by beanz View Post
    Ok thanks for the clarification. I don't plan on using the phone line for anything else but the monitor. She gets out on Wednesday...they still haven't called to install the monitor :/ I called them and they said it could be as little as 24hrs before she gets out. I'm hoping that wont delay her release if they don't show up to install it!.

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      i just talked to a friend of ours that just got out two weeks ago and he has a monitor they put it on him before he was released like they will do my husbands and he was released on a thursday but the parole officer went to his house a week later to connect his box at his house . i did not have time to ask him very much cause his po had just showed up when he was talking to me . but when the lady called me for home approvel she told me they should come out a week before he gets out . his sister had told him thats also what they told her.


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        My husband just got home and he's on an ankle monitor. The power just went out because of a storm. Do we need to do anything or is it fine with just the phone hooked up to it. Please help.