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    Hi, I'm from Texas my husband just got sentenced to 40 yrs which he'll probably end up doing 20. He's working on an appeal, do you know if he can give back his time? The State was offering him 20yrs and his lawyer told us we can fight it it's worth the risk if we loose it's 25yrs. So we did, and the jury found him guilty so it was 25 to life (something we dint jnow)A lot of things went wrong with this case. The DA offered him 40 but he had another case pending they had no nothing on that other case thats why they used the family violence to convict him for both. My husband dint want to plead guilty for the other case if he took it to jury they we're going to use the same jury and if found guilty he could of been facing life. He signed in the 40yrs with hope of getting out. He is also going to file a Bar agrivance 1107 depending on the appeal. All we want is a time cut at least to the 20 they were giving him first. I'm so hurt on how everything happened. Can you give me any advice on what I can do to help? Thank you 😳