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Fun ideas/things to send them!!!

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    Lauriejot thank you so much this is so much fun to do although I revised one and jpayed it to him but I love the stories remind me of a game i played in high school. Oops Im dating myself. LOL


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      Now thats an Idea :-) Why do I invision lots of ring pictures showing up in many Thanks, I needed the laugh tonite :-)
      Originally posted by MzJudy29 View Post
      I recently sent my guy a page out of a Finish Line catalog (sneaker store). It was the page with the new Jordan's. He loved it! lol And when I was at the mall last night, I got a catalog for a jewelry store and I am going to send him a page of wedding rings haha
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        I send my man a newsletter of things that happen found on the the internet also, I do the crossword puzzles, and loving you .com also sent in a newsletter form he loves it. Some of the other guys want me to do it for them also. if you would like to see a sample let me know.


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          I've started making things out of construction paper every month to make a small scenery for her on her wall. For Christmas I made a Christmas tree with 25 ornaments and on each ornament I put everything I love about her and her positive qualities. Then I made 4 presents that open and in each were affirmations for her to read everyday. Then I recently just sent her 4 snowmen that she had to put together b/c we are not allowed to glue or tape anything so she uses toothpaste to stick things together so not only is it festive for her but it's also a craft. anyway, the snowmen were of our family. me, her, and our two kids. i made scarves, hair, arms, nose, buttons and a hat for my son. Then I made a penquin that she had to put together too along with an igloo I made.

          Then for Valentine's day i'm going to make hearts with cute lil sayings on them and flowers. All out of construction paper

          We also make our own personal crossword puzzles and word finds. She does more of those than me b/c I just don't have the time but I do the crafts for her so that makes up for it.

          Any questions feel free to ask!
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            Originally posted by lonelyGirlny

            greeting card with your picture ( ) take a picture when you go visit and put it on a greeting card <3 (love this)

            -this card
            Great Idea!!!!

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              Originally posted by lonelyGirlny
              Some things I do to help my brother and bf have a better day:
              -Subscription to catalogues of stuff they like. (e.g. car parts, sneakers, watches)
              -print ecards on (i send atleast one every week)
              -funny cuopons to redeem when they get out ( )
              -send a telegram ( haven't done this one yet but it sounds like fun! just trying to figured out what to write on it.
              -picts of your underwear of the day (for bf, duh)
              (I plan on doing the flip book of pictures on my trip to visit them i read about in this thread, is a great idea that theyd love)
              i really liked these, along with the '' lol. thanks ladies, my hubby is going to start getting some pretty fun mail lol


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                Just got this via facebook. would it be in poor tatse to send it to my son I thought it might brighten his day
                get outta jail free card.jpg


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                  I sent the dog and cat diary. He love the cat diary.


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                    Originally posted by niece View Post
                    just got this via facebook. Would it be in poor tatse to send it to my son i thought it might brighten his day

                    i love it!!! Great idea!!! Will bring a smile to his face if nothing else!!!