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Fun ideas/things to send them!!!

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  • Fun ideas/things to send them!!!

    I'm new to the system. My fiance is in for 2-5. I have been researching ideas of things to send prisoners to keep them busy. Here are some ideas I have found. Feel free to add to this!

    1. Start writing a story (naughty if you are BRAVE), ask them to continue it. Keep it going back and forth.
    2. Buy them a subscription to a magazine- there are rules about what kinds of mags. Look it up
    3. Pictures of yourself/kids/SCENARY
    4. Take photos of you doing something and make it like a flip book movie. For example, Stop to pick a flower and take a photo for each step you make. It turns out almost like a video for them.
    5. Make a calendar using homemade photos of the two of you and/or kids. Some prisons won't allow this.
    6. I like to print myspace surveys off and do one myself and then send a blank one for him to do!
    7. Print news articles online and send.
    8. Make your own crossword/word search puzzles using online generators and send. My guy LOVED this.

    ANY IDEAS????

    (Fiance-Matt, Camphill awaitin classification and home prison assignment. Cross your fingers ALBION close to home!!)
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    10 Prisoner Gift Ideas
    They Don’t Have to be Expensive!

    1. Present for his kids – This can go further than anything you may be able to give him directly.

    2. Dedicate a song to him on the radio – A great way to share a moment… and save it.

    3. Puzzles, puzzles, and more puzzles – Games can keep his mind occupied and engaged.

    4. Jokes, stories, and trivia from the Internet – It’s free and can provide a much-needed laugh.

    5. Get him a subscription to his hometown paper or his favorite (allowed) magazine – Keeps him connected in a productive way.

    6. Religious books – He may already have a bible, but there are wonderful spiritual books that can help him understand that bible in surprising new ways.

    7. Read the same book at the same time – It’s another experience you can share.

    8. Visit as often as you can! – No explanation needed.

    9 Contact his prison and find out what you can and cannot send him – Sure, maybe it’s the thought that counts, but seriously, a gift isn’t worth much if he can’t get it.

    10. A “JPay” care package – They have many sizes and price points depending on your budget.
    Bonus) Give him hope – It goes a long, long way

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      Doing this bid with my man for close to 4 years, I've done and sent just about everything allowed!! LOL

      You can do the calendars as long as each month is a separate sheet of paper, no binding. I just ran each month off on my color printer, added pics to each month. Oh, I also did a calendar type thing with the number of days he had left. Instead of a month listed on top it had "COUNTDOWN" and then I had little boxes with numbers in them. For example, if your man has 365 days left to do you would place 365 in the first box, 364 in the second and so on. I have one and my man has one, every day we check off a box, leading up to his release date. I didn't send that until he had a year remaining though.

      There's a site called loving you, it has a lot of little things you can print up and send him. Favorite Things list, favorite body parts, poems, love coupons, etc. The address for the site is Love, Romance and Relationship Resources, I always print up two, send him mine that I filled out and then a blank one for him to fill out and send to me.

      My man loves the little jokes that I get through emails so I print those daily and send to him. I do the care packages every time they offer them, did the dedication of a song (he loved that, gave him the big head because a lot of the other inmates heard it) and I also send song lyrics. A very good book to send, the Love Dare from the movie Fireproof. That is such a good book!! It's a reference type thing, check it out, hard to explain what it is, sort of a "instruction" book, a day to day challenge if you are having problems OR what I liked about it, gives you ideas and advice/encouragement to help keep from having problems. Just make sure you order them from a place like Amazon, Barnes 'n Nobles, or any other known website that sells books or he won't get them. YOU CAN NOT BUY A BOOK YOURSELF AND SEND IT, THE INMATE WILL NOT GET IT AND IT WILL BE UP TO THE INMATE TO PAY FOR THE COST TO SEND IT BACK TO YOU!! At least that's how it is for Pennsylvania prisons.

      Pictures, I've taken dozens of them!! Sexy ones, not so sexy ones (lol) pics of my son, pics of me and my son, pictures of places I want us to go and enjoy together (restaurants, clubs, parks, etc.) and when I go home to visit, I take pictures of places we already shared. The best picture ever, I took a picture of the steps where we shared our first kiss!! We shared our first kiss when we were like 15, 16 so when he saw that pic he got very emotional!!

      I also send him a list of movies so he can tell me what movies he wants to see when he comes home. I've purchased a few of them already. They show a lot of them inside just as long as they are not rated R so I haven't had to buy many. I send him pages from a clothing catalog so he can see what everyone is wearing (I have to separate the pages, they won't allow the entire catalog with the pages attached).

      One other very special thing I send is 2 pages from my favorite magazine called Woman's World. They feature a travel destination spot in every issue with pics and the main attractions to go see and do while you are there. Lots of nice tropical, carribbean places but also places right here in the US. I've been doing it for over a year now but what makes it more personal and special, I've saved the one where Georgia was featured and I'm going to send that to him just days before he's released and label that as our final destination since he's going to move here!!

      If I think of anything else I'll post it. Get creative and enjoy!!
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        Come on, I know there are others out here with ideas on what to send. please do share!


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          Well, this past year for Valentine's Day I thought I'd get real creative and make him a card every day from the 1st to the 14th with each one getting better. He got the first 3 or 4 but then the mailroom started returning them saying it was "contraband". They sent me a list of things that couldn't be sent. No "homemade" art work, no stickers, no fabric/ribbons, nothing glued on, etc. So I put them away for him when he gets home. That kind of put a damper on things.

          Other than that I do write him everyday & send cards on the days I visit, which is often. I've written him poems, a letter of just little everyday things I miss about him, like his funky feet:-) Sent him all different types of books, the local paper for our area, crossword puzzels & word searches. He gets his holiday/summer package with a few extras he isn't expecting. He gets photos of the kids & pets, stuff around the house- like my dead flower bed and the yard to show him what the crazy dog has been up to. And every week I'll print our wedding ticker & the timeline for him coming home. I went on and "created" our wedding making avatars to resemble us (that was really funny) and printed it out. Nothing too exciting, just regular daily events.
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            Great Inspirational Books for Inmates and Friends and Family of Inmates

            Great Inspirational Books for Inmates and Friends and Family of Inmates

            1. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Your Dreams, 10th Anniversary Special Edition – This book is loaded with goal setting tips and inspirational stories that will motivate you to realize any of your goals in life.

            2. Self Improvement: The Top 101 Experts Who Help Us Improve Our Lives (Paperback) by David Riklan – Riklan studied self-help experts that are most often searched for on the Internet. Then he devised an ingenious format for describing how they got started, what their message is all about, and how to find out more about them. A great way to get started.

            3. Angry All The Time: An Emergency Guide To Anger Control
 Ronald T. Potter-Efron — This is an update of a best-selling classic on anger management that teaches how to understand and control episodes of uncontrolled anger.

            4. Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren – This huge selling book gives a 40-day personal spiritual journey, and describes what Warren says are God’s five main purposes for all people.

            5. Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust by Immaculee Ilibagiza —A truly heartbreaking and equally inspirational story of courage and faith.

            6. Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl – Tells his story of living in a concentration camp under the most horrific conditions imaginable and still found the strength to keep going.

            7. Days of Grace by Arthur Ashe – In a world where athletes are all too often the opposite of role models, this autobiography tells us of an extraordinary man who achieved as much with his mind as he did with his athletic prowess.

            8. The Real Bling: How to Get the Only Thing You Need by Brian McClellan—inspirational and motivational self-empowerment tools from a hip-hop perspective.

            9. A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Martin Luther King – There will never be another like him, but still we can learn from his example.

            10. We Got Fired! 
by Harvey Mackay – True stories of extraordinarily successful people who, as the title tells us, were not always quite so successful.

            Feb.10, 2009 | Prison News
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              hey. keep your head up. they usually always place them close to home. and 2 years go by fast.


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                Thank You for taking the time to post. I will pass this along to family.
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                  My man and I play hangman and I send him Soduko's


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                    What havent I sent????

                    For our Eid this year I sent him a commemorative Dallas Cowboys program from the last game at the old stadium...I won big points for that one....I send him the sports section from our local paper...(we are both from B-More....GO RAVENS!!!!) I have sent the Ikea catalog so he can pick furnishings for our home...the kids always makes him art work and write letters...tons and tons of pictures...books....oh yea USA today sports weekly...another big point item!!!!
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                      I got a lot of ideas from this website.


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                        what is this jpay care package i have never heard of it? where can i find it? im new to this so if you can let me know that would be awesome thank you!!


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                          Did not know there was a JPay care package.. tell me more.
                          Missing my music man


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                            Originally posted by V♥LovesE♥ View Post
                            what is this jpay care package i have never heard of it? where can i find it? im new to this so if you can let me know that would be awesome thank you!!
                            Originally posted by cougarly View Post
                            Did not know there was a JPay care package.. tell me more.
                            This is who you would have to contact to ask about the packages. It would be interesting to know what they tell you about their packages if they still have them, who can recieve them what they consist of and so on.
                            Good Luck if Either of You Call to find out.

                            CONTACT US
                            Contact Us by Email:
                            JPay's Customer Service team can answer all account questions. Email us at and we will reply promptly.
                            Contact Us by Phone:
                            For live agent help, please call (800) 574-5729.
                            We can only discuss account information with the account holder. We will verify account information before answering any account specific questions.

                            Write to Us:
                            JPay, Inc.
                            P.O. Box 530955
                            Miami, FL 33153-0955

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                              My loved one has been locked up for 10 years and frankly he wasn't sitting behind a computer when he was out, either. So I think I am going to send him a book about the internet and downloading music and e-mail and social networks, etc. (I'm thinking along the lines of Internet for Dummies type overview.) Hopefully he will be able to understand what his Mom and I are talking about and understand the email options that are becoming available in there....Just thought I'd share my "brainstorm". LOL
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