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    hi there. my husband has gone up for parole for his 4th time two weeks ago. first denial was in 2015, two year hit (standard ability to petition for early review after a year); 2016 hearing upon early petition for same - denial, adhere to first 2 year hit. to be seen again 6.2017; 9.2017 (this one was conducted later than it was supposed to due to them "losing" his paperwork. nevertheless, another denial - 1 year hit. 9.2018 still awaiting decision/green sheet. all of the previous hearings, he received his green sheet back in the same week. its been over 2 weeks and no decision/green sheet; however, dissimilar to previous hearings/occasions, ive been called by the parole agent inquiring about the home plan. so, there u have decision yet compared to 3 hearing decisions being rendered in the same week and this time we've been contacted about home plan. what are your thoughts???? could it actually be this time around?!?!?

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    I hope it's good news for the two of you

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