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The Department of Corrections does not focus solely on keeping inmates behind bars. Over 90 percent of the inmates incarcerated in PA state prisons will eventually be returned to the community. One of the most important ways that the Department can fulfill its mission of protecting public safety is by adequately preparing inmates for community reintegration.

Planning for reentry begins upon admission to prison. The first step is to conduct a thorough assessment of inmate risk and needs. Accurately assessing an inmate’s risk of reoffending and treatment needs allows the Department to better target treatment resources. During incarceration, inmates are then afforded the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills they will need to increase their probability of success upon release. The Department understands the importance of providing a continuum of care and appropriate aftercare services. Aftercare services are provided primarily through community corrections centers and contract facilities. In addition, the Department recognizes the crucial role that community resources play in preparing offenders for transition from prison to home.