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    Originally posted by Sandstorm View Post pack will do!
    You're Welcome!

    Glad I could help out

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      Not Unheard Of!

      Originally posted by ChasingStars View Post
      Aw congratulations!=D That's very exciting news. My boyfriend told me that a while back they heard that some type of bird was being mixed into their food, I guess kind of like how during high school it would be some sort of surprise. Well he asked me to look up an Australian running bird. I had no idea what for, I thought it was for a drawing he wanted to do so I looked it up and printed out the picture. It looks like an ostrich. Well...he told me thats apparently what they have been putting in their food for while!o.O I couldnt believe it! There was nothing he could do nor I, so when I visit I I get him anything he wants to eat out of the vending machines. He loves the sausage biscuits lol.
      That's an Emu. There are several ranches & farms throughout Central PA that commercially raise Emus and what we consider exotic animals for food. A couple of Amish families in the Lancaster area raise Emus just like they would chickens and have a contract with PA DOC and the state food bank system. So it's not unheard of for the prisons to suppliment that stuff like Emu or even Llama for the far more expensive beef, pork and chicken. You'd think they'd tell the inmates like is required by federal regulations & law what exactly is in their food. I asked a g/f of mine at Muncy about this happening there (she works in the kitchen) and she told me that exotic meats are not unheard of in the system but there the only thing they get out of normal is venison, elk, and bear during the hunting seasons. She said most comes from the "Share The Harvest" program, just like the food banks do. Hell, state law requires that all packaging must have the type of meat it is and process date. I know that some states like Wyoming & Montana have ranch programs raising their own food for the prisons. I think every state should whether it be Emus for food or Ostriches for eggs, cattle and pigs, or any kind of fowl. Gives meaning and work to those incarcerated to supply the food that is prepared.


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        I just ordered my son the Securepak and was wondering about how long it takes for him to receive it?