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    No not encouraging at all. My guy was granted reparole on Feb 4, 2010, yes thats right 2010. He was supposed to go to a CCC but all 3 in PA turned him down--he is a violent offender, but thats not the reason they turned him down. They thought they would change it to his home plan so that was approved but nothing happened. I have been in contact with someone at the parole office in Harrisburg,he even thinks the reason the CCCs turned him down was stupid, I have a state rep. looking into it, but unfortunately we're dealing with the DOC (they are in charge of the CCCs) all we can do is keep the faith and hope something happens.....I can't afford an attorney and I don't know if one would really help.
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      My boyfriend said he you have problem with parole at Pittsburgh contact the director of the Western Pa Parole. He said she came down there and talked to the inmates and said there was a lot of complaints from pittsburgh and she told them to contact her personally... I can't think of her name but I am sure you can find it... She doesn't work at the prison. Mrs. Fink, maybe... I will ask my boyfriend tomorrow.


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        I dont seem to be figuring out how to post my own question, so I am going to attempt thhis route and see if I can get help. Does anyone know if an inmate can be denied mandatory supervision because his home plan was not approved?