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EOCI Inmate Shot and Killed

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  • EOCI Inmate Shot and Killed

    Pretty brutal... i assumed there would be some escalation or something...going from "stop fighting" to shot dead seems a bit much.

    My boyfriend told me about this tonight at our visit...he knew this guy...and was pretty shocked it happened. I guess that's the reality of prison... but it still blows my mind.

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    WOW, Thanks for sharing
    Anything worth having is worth waiting and working for....HE IS WORTH IT


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      Where were the other guards at? If all they said was "stop fighting" of course they aren't going to stop fighting. The nearest guard was up in the tower? Leaving staff with limited options? Sounds to me like there weren't enough guards around to stop it and the guard in the tower didn't know what to do so he just shot at them.


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        Yea, maybe. I don't think EO is understaffed but it might be. They also may have been killing that guy and it was the right thing to seems a bit intense that it didn't escalate to mace or something first. I guess it's a good remider that prison isn't summer camp...and hopefully all of our loved ones make it home.


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          Reality is they can do what they want, when they want. Sad situation, but if he was told to stop and din't, they felt it necessaary to protect the others. TC&GB