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    Hi Everyone
    I have not been on in a while so many things are going on
    My man calls me 4times a week I cant always answer my phone
    now that the weather is getting bad I work at a warming center for the homeless
    and cant really talk on the phone I tried to explain to him and he gets all mad
    but when he does call its about why have I not sent more money or he needs me to do this and that like now/ he does not get the fact that my rent went up again and i'm taking care of my mom and working with the homeless again. I feel like he just calls to tell me what he needs me to do he never writes a letter its all about look this up or go do this/
    just really hurt I don't even want to answer the do I get him to see my side
    I even said a letter would be nice for my birthday witch is coming up on NOV 21.. any one know what I should do help help plz

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    Sounds like he is alittle ungrateful that your by his side...I'm so sorry to hear that...sometimes we just have to be blunt and be tell them how we feel....I did that with my husband about a different situation and he has really changed his husband snapped real it's up to you and how you want to handle it wish you luck


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      Communication is the key to a good relationship along with trust and respect. He needs to see how much you have to do in your life to make it day to day. My husband works and you know the wages are CHEAP, but he sends me money to help pay for the phone and for what i need it for. It's not much, but the thought is there and i know that when he gets out, he;'ll be a good provider to. your guys should be proud of you and what you're doing to make it put here. Tell him to grow up and learn to appreciate what you're doing to keep your home.He needs to be your partner and share your ups and downs. TC&GB