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    Which Prison Organizations do you like the best and why?

    What are your favorite organizations and outreach programs?

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    Dharma Rain Zen Center

    Statement of Purpose
    The Prison Program is a Dharma Rain Zen Center outreach program that serves inmates and recent releases from state prisons in Oregon.

    We provide meditation instruction and practice.
    We share Buddhist teachings and work to create Sangha within the prison.
    We work with inmates to foster inner peace and long-term personal transformation.


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      Inmate Clubs of OSCI


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        Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program (Salem, Oregon State University)

        Program Description: Inside Out is a program that began in 1997 with a select group of Pennsylvania incarcerated individuals and students who had the common goal of studying crime, justice and social issues that affect society at large. Since then it has expanded and through the help of Professor Michelle Inderbitzen the program has made its way to Oregon State University. The goal of Inside Out at OSU is first and foremost to exchange ideas and perceptions and gain a deeper knowledge of crime, the criminal justice system, corrections and imprisonment. Inside Out at OSU examine sociological theories and apply them to the criminal justice system as it stands