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Does it get easier????

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  • Does it get easier????

    My man has only been gone for 9mos. Got 5yrs total and I'm already going crazy. He was recentally put in the hospital and the hole so now were back to just mailing letters. It takes so long to communicate that way. Even after he gets out of the hole his visits will be suspended for an additional 90 days. So it looks like I won't be able to see him again till October. His mind is not in a very good place now and now he's doubting my live n loyalty. How will we ever make ur 5yrs when it hasn't even been 1 yet and were both stressed to the max. Dies it get easier as the time goes on?? I have been here since day one. Supporting him in ever way I can. But some days I just feel like giving up n walking away. But if I do he will have no one and I can't live with that on my conscious. Does it get any easier?? Please tell me it does. I need hope right now. I miss him soooo much. I don't know what more I can do to ease his mind.

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    I don't know its how they take it my husband was in trouble for the first year he was in he has been there over five years the last two he has been working and keeping himself busy to stay out of trouble. and it seems to make it easier for him to deal with it all. we still got a long road to go down even though he comes up for parole in less then two years I am not seeing that to be his day to come home. we still have our days its hard no matter how you look at it.


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      there will be both good days and bad days...totally agree with the previous commentator...its hard no matter how you look at it. But you just have to try and remain calm and have faith in God, him, and yourself. Constant reassurance is a big plus. we sound like a broken record sometimes saying the same things over and over. I am the only one my man has supporting him his grandma writes and sends books of stamps here and there and she is NOW back to accepting his calls which is another blessing to him. Just keep the letters going out to him letting him know your riding this out with him and not going anywhere. reassurance mama. <3 prayers!


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        I agree with them. It doesn't really get easier, we just learn how to deal with the situations and continue with "US" I do wanna say that you have to have respect, trust,communication and that will keep the love going. There are gonna be days of doubt because of where he is. He will hear horror stories of things gone wrong and will have the doubts. You will have people out here thinking you're crazy for hanging on, but when the two of you are in love and can do all those things, you can hoid on. This forum is a great place becuase we are all in similar situations and none of us judge. We all take it one day at a time. if ya can't do that, then go hour by hour an fif ya can't do that, then take it a minute at a time, because we can all do a minute. TC&GB


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          I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for responding to my cry for help. Its hard when there's not too many people who understand my love for him. Just because he has made some bad decisions that does not make him a bad person. I am so thankful to have this site to help give me hope when I feel I have list it all. Think you again


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            I think Tim McGraw has a get of one for us. I may have been a bad boy, but I'm a real good man. Yes, everyone makes mistakes and some get caught and some don't. Just have to learn by the mistakes and go on to a better future. No one on Earth is perfect. We all understand and are here with you. TC&GB