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  • Changing visitor information

    I'm already an approved visitor and have done video visits but I will need to change the information on my ID before I visit in person. I have checked the website and called the visitation hotline but they didn't know the answer. I was wondering if anyone here knows the answer. Is there a way to update my information with the prison or do I need to fill out a new visiting application with my new information and get reapproved before I visit?

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    I would just take a copy of your ID and Fax it to the person who handles visitation, just put a note on the copy that you visit (put inmate name and number) and your ID has been updated so you would like your Visitation Information to be changed to reflect the new Information on ID. They should be able to just update the info without having to do new approval on you.

    You can call the prison and ask for visitation, get the Fax number and ask who's name do you put for Attention To:
    Explain what is going on to the visitation person and tell them you want to visit but you want to make sure the info is updated in the computer before you go.

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