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  • access website credit card fraud

    i recently ordered my loved one some clothes and shoes from the access website. the next day i received a email about suspicious activity on my credit card. access was the only place i used my card in over a week. my card company already will not allow any transactions with JPAY due to too many fraud cases. beware of using your bank or credit card with these prison related websites. they are just not safe. it is much safer to get a walmart card that you can add funds to as needed. it is a slight inconvenience but worth the piece of mind. step-brother is in madison correctional inst. in london ohio. (9yrs on a charge that should have been 2yr but he went to jury trial and lost! only in ohio!!) ohio has more prisons than other states with more people. big business in ohio!

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    Sorry to hear about the suspicious activity on your credit card, you wouldn't be the first to post on here about ordering from that site then their credit card number was used somewhere else.

    The advice to get a Wal-Mart card (or any other store bought credit card) so you can add funds to it, to do transactions on line is great, it is how I conduct any and all transaction on line and I only put the amount I need for that one purchase I'm making.

    As far as JPay, I couldn't even imagine how many inmate family and friends have sent money to their loved ones and then called in the transaction as not done by them or they call the card in as stolen, with the mind set that the inmate got the funds and the credit card company will put the funds back on their card. then they get upset when they can't send any more money through JPay nor can the inmate receive any funds via JPay until the dollar amount is cleared up.

    I had to look to see how many prisons Texas has so I could compare to Ohio and Texas is in a League all of its own when it comes to the number of prisons in its state.

    I hope all goes well with your step brother and his time.

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