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ORW Update Part 2, Inmate Boxes

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  • ORW Update Part 2, Inmate Boxes

    Hi All,
    Well, let me say that having a loved one inside is indeed a slow learning process. Today, let me discuss what I have learned about sending your loved one a "gift" box.

    1. There are two and only two companies you can use to get an inmate a gift box. At Least that is what it appears to me. Both are on the web site . I used the Ohio Inmate Package which seemed to work.

    2. There are three classes of packages; Exempt, Sundry and Food.
    a.Exempt is items like TVs, radios, MP3 players etc. Apparently there is no limit on these packages and which is why the fall into the exempt class.
    b. Sundry is items such as clothing; sweats, socks and things.
    c. Food is the items the items that can be purchased at the commissary, apparently sodas are not permitted. You would not want to send them anyway due to the weight.

    3. An inmate may only receive a total of four (4), packages. No more than two of the packages may be food. Packages are limited to 30 Pounds. Given the weight and number limitations -- Plan ahead! Maximize out the box weight.

    Good Luck

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    I have also found out that I can send (new) books from a bookstore etc. , and sheet music (I use Amazon and E Bay). I have also gotten my s/o some magazine subscriptions in areas of his interest.


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      I didn't know about going 2 ask him if he can receive those types of things where he is in Mansfield,ohio