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    I got a Video Gram from my friend in North Dakota but when I click on the link where it says attachment it doesn't play. Just an exit button shows up for me to click on to exit. Does that mean the Video did not come through? This is the first Video I have ever gotten so I don't really know how it works. If it didn't show up does that mean he will get his stamps back for it? I emailed Jpay to get some help but while I am waiting for them to get back to me I thought I would see if anyone could help me on here. I have been friends with this guy for about three years now and this is the first video he has sent me. I would really like to see it.

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    I have never seen one so maybe the Members that receive them can hopefully help you out

    "But" you see the Pause Button in this Picture, I know for any video to play it has to look like that (The Two Lines)

    "If" there is an Arrow there, that Means the Video is on Pause, put your mouse there and click on it so it will play the Video.

    If that is not the problem I hope the JPay Service Side gets back to you soon to help you figure it out...

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      This is all that I see when I click on the attachment link

      View Videogram