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What are E-Messaging services

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  • What are E-Messaging services

    Question: What are E- Messaging services

    JPay Mail:
    JPay Mail is the fastest way to send a letter to an inmate. First you type your letter using the JPay website. Then your letter is printed in the mail room and delivered to the inmate. Letters are generally delivered to an inmate within 24 hours, sometimes sooner!
    This new service is only available in certain states. If you donít see a mail option once you log in, then your inmates are currently unable to receive JPay Mail.
    JPay also knows where an inmate is housed at all times. If an inmate is transferred between housing units or between facilities, the JPay Mail System will know!
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    I live in Colorado, can they respond with an e-message or do they have to use the regular mail. Thanks


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      To my understanding, they have to respond through regular mail.
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        Hi Burrbarella,

        Your inmate's location does not currently support an outgoing email program. Any response from your inmate will be mailed out using regular U.S. Postal Service mail.