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  • interstate compact

    My son is in NDOC (High Desert State). He is eligiable for parole and is coming to the state of Ny. Can anyone tell me how long it takes before a parole officer will contact me for the home inspection.


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    I see that you posted your question almost a year ago; did you ever receive a response from anyone on this board? I'm quite interested in what the outcome was with your son, as my son is serving time at HDSP in Indian Springs.



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      I sent her a PM over a month ago & she hasn't responded.

      If you have questions I can try to help & answer any questions you may have as my husband is in Southern Desert & we are waiting for interstate compact right now so he can come home to Colorado.


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        I'm in the same boat my hunny is in Michigan and coming to indiana. They just decided last Thursday that he had to do interstate. Long story behind that but in a weeks time they got a lot done. Michigan called me today and said indiana would call me next week and setup everything. She said everything should be done in the next 2 wks. But if they want they do have 45 days from the time they get the paperwork to get it done.


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          My OH is hoping to go Nevada to Ohio, should be doing the paperwork any day soon.