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    Hi, does anyone attend Family Visits with their loved one in any of the NM facilities? I'm referring to what was once called Conjugal Visits, but since any immediate family can have this type of visit it is now called a family visit.

    I see NM is listed as one of the 6 states in the US that have them.

    I'm just trying to get info on them and was wondering if anyone had one.

    Thanks, Stray

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    Hi, I am just starting to learn about this also. What I have learned so far: It has to start with the inmate requesting the package from his case worker. Once you receive the package--wow, you will have questions. I am still working on this. You will probably need to contact the case worker by calling the prison and asking to be connected to that person (they can look up the enmates name and get the case workers name for you). Make a list of your questions before you call. I am not going to go any further with my knowledge so far as this is my first one also and I am still a little confused and also information might be different at a different prison.