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Offender Management Division..Do they exist? lol

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  • Offender Management Division..Do they exist? lol

    Does anyone know how to contact Offender Management Division? Their email is the same for Rhonda Larsen...My man was just sent to Pioche Camp, and only has 45 days till expiration...however, with his credits he is waiting to brings him to his release date! I found in AR803 that if an inmate is in a situation like my boyfriends that Offender Management is to process credits manually and not wait for the NOTIS automated system do it on a case by case basis. His caseworker in Pioche is lazy and was no help...I already contacted Rhonda Larsen weeks ago... she wasn't much help either just referred me to education department with the same phone I already got off of the website, and I haven't heard back from them yet.

    He has a job opportunity that would be such a productive, positive fresh start but he has to start May 3rd and without those days he won't make it! I am soooooo frustrated..if he loses this job because the NDOC doesn't follow their own regulations and makes it near impossible to speak with anyone I'm gonna scream! LOL!

    Any ideas ladies on who I could contact to help me get this moving?

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    I wish I could help but I've been trying to figure the same thing out! My sweetie keeps asking me to contact them to find out a couple of things and I finally had to tell him that I think the OMD is a myth!
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      AttorneyGirl2Be....My husband is also at Pioche Camp waiting to go to Casa Grande...hopefully he will be approved in May! Anyway, yes, there is such a thing as 775-887-3279 and ask for Rex Reed...I think he has a secretary now! She was nice and helpful....I can't remember if he works directly w/OMD, but he might be more helpful than Rhonda and point you in the right direction. Hope this helps.....Good luck!


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        Rex Reed is the head of Offender Managemnt. His secretary is called Kristen Rodriguez.


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          Thanks guys! I still haven't heard back from education department so I guess Monday morning I will try calling Rex Reed or at least speak with his secretary! I hope I can get them to give him at least one of the classes for 26 days that he finished by the end of the month!! I don't see what would be the problem if it takes him to his release anyways and it is mandatory according to the AR's! But then again NOTHING surprises me anymore when it comes to the NDOC! It seems like if it makes sense they do the opposite! lol


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            Ty I needed info on how to contact M.o.d for my fiance he was in Ely was supposed to go to loveock but was transferred to high desert Indiana springs nv doesn't know why he was granted parole in April has 3 mo left then expires