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What restrictions does Nebraska place on SO

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  • What restrictions does Nebraska place on SO

    I am just curious i know someone that is going to be paroled to Nebraska from Colorado.. I want to know what kind of restrictions that Nebraska has for SO when they are on parole. I know Colorado is very strict where they want to approve a relationship and the whole nine yards. Pretty much they don't believe in giving a person a second chance in life. Will nebraska keep a SO from getting married and having a family when they are on Parole and probation? Will he be able to have a second chance in life to prove himself? I need as much info as possible. I have search and searched the internet and went on the Nebraska website on laws and everything and have not found any information.

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    If by "SO" you mean sex offender, then yes I can help me. I am a political activist for Sex offender law reform.


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      does anyone know of any landlords that allow sex offenders in central nebraska