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  • Tablets?

    My son keeps wondering when he will receive his tablet. From what I'm reading, he has to purchase it? He was under the impression it would be given to him. Does anyone have any information on the subject?

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    Hello Im from Michigan My Husband has been in the MDOC for 17yrs. He has a tablet. But it was purchased. In the Michigan System & from what I am aware of in regards to JPay all inmates have to purchase JP5 tablets. You can purchase it for him also.


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      Nothing in prison is given to you especially entertainment has to be purchased & you probably have to purchase music for him to listen to
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        Hi! I am Florida Mom. I've been on the phone numerous times with bothcthe facility and jpay regarding the same thing. #1 Does your loved one's facility have a kiosk in it where you can email him? If so, jpay can give you an approximate time frame of when tge inmates will be issued a FREE tablet. If at that time, you are able to financially purchase a larger tablet that is offered, you can do so. My son's facility won't be issuing tablets until late May 2018. Hope this helps.