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  • I'm new to this.

    I am new to all this. Jpay and my old man being in prison. He has walked (on paper) all but 10 months down. We have only been together for months and this is the longest we been away from each other. I miss him so much. I am gonna ride out the rest of this with him. But, I am so heart broken over all this. I just miss him an want him home. does it get easier?

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    Hi and welcome to Jpay Ranbrooke! I'm not going to lie to you and tell it will get easier here on out because it won't. We all find ways to cope and to keep ourselves busy to make the days go by faster, thats for sure. I and majority of the women and gents on here know and understand the emotions your going through. The longing and missing of our LO's. Stay strong and take it one day at a time. Good luck!
    "Just take it for what it is and embrace it"


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      Welcome To The Forum. It's Never Easy. All I Can Tell U Is Take It Day By Day. Pray To God For Strength And Keep The Faith. I Pray Things Get Easier For U.


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        Hello and welcome. Easier maybe not but manageable yes. We are here for you


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          Hello and welcome. No, we never get over the feelings, but learn to live day by day. We all miss our LO'S, especially on days when it's a holiday. We wanna be with them, but can't We just try to pass each day and pray they come home. Know that we all have prayers going up and inckuinckude this forum. Pray you find the strength us need to cope. TC&GB