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  • Parole Home Visit

    Has anyone gone through the Parole Home Plan Visit process? My bf is getting ready to put in his home plan and was told he cannot parole to our house unless we are married. Therefor we maybe getting married before he turns in his home plan. Does anyone know what happens during the home visit with the P.O. and what I can and cannot have in the home? Also, what documents do they need to see (i.e. Marriage Certificate, Lease Agreement) I am hoping they do not ask for the lease agreement because he is not on it and my landloard does not allow felons in his rentals. Please help with any info you have.

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    home visit

    I have done a home visit. You dont have to be married at all!!! All they do is come in and make sure he has a bed to sleep and ask a little bit of questions. And make sure you have a phone! thats it! I know they didnt ask me for a lease agreement at all. But if you live in apartment they do! Your friend, is just trying to get you to marry him quick!


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      I have done a home plan before when I got out and went to my girlfiends place and we was not married and all they do is come look at the home and talk to you and make sure there are no guns in the home.
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        Do you know if I can still own my guns if I keep them at a friends house?
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          Originally posted by printerguy View Post
          Do you know if I can still own my guns if I keep them at a friends house?
          You can own guns they just cannot be at the same address as the One Being Paroled out to, is at. If he goes and visits someone with weapons in the house it is different than him being paroled out to a house that has them there.

          The police say that when a gun does not have a firing pin in it it is not considered a weapon! But that does not work with parole!

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            parole home visits

            I am fixing to have to do a home visit for my husband. He is doing an interstate transfer from Arkansas to Texas. I was told that the house has to be spotless and that they go through the closets and cabinets. Is this true? I do live in an apartment, but was told that the only reason they would talk to the apartment complex is if he was a sex offender. He is in for a drug charge. Can someone help me with this please? I have never had to do the home visit. He has been gone for to long for this to mess us up. He is due to come home in March.


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              Well I dont know what Texas PO's do during a home visit, but they cannot "search" your house without a search warrant.

              It shouldnt be anything more than just to "see" and verify the actual physical place, and maybe a "walk through" which is totally different than searching closets/cabinets.
              Even once he is home on parole and living there, they still cannot search your house without probable cause and a warrant.

              I think people are just trying to scare you. It will just be a check of the address, a short visit/interview with you to confirm he is going to live there and you are aware of his crime and conditions of his parole.
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                My son will be coming home in 5 weeks- IC from KS to Missouri. We already had a visit from the PO. All she did was stand in the living room and tell us some of the rules. Then she said her job was to protect society so that my son doesn't create "any more vicitims"! (My son never had a "victim"!)
                I hope she was just trying to scare us. It worked! But I'm afraid she is out to make life HELL for all of us.

                She told me I could call her with questions so I did. I wanted to make sure I understood clearly what she had said about one of the provision of his parole. Again she went on and on about how bad my son must have been for Kansas to lock him up. If he had been charged in Missouri for the same crime, he would have been given probation. When I mentioned that- she blurted that we could debate all day but it wasn't going to change the rules. I remained calm and pleasant but once again she came across as if she was out to get my son crucified!

                What can we do? I'm really worried! I know he isn't even out yet, but she obviously has her mind made up about him (and me!) Or is this how they ALL are??

                Thank you for the info on the house search. i wondered about that. If they come and want to walk through the house, are they allowed to look in every room? We intend to follow everything to the "t" but I'm afraid this lady will find anything she can for a violation.


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                  Again, they can walk through but cannot "search" through without a warrant. Its her job to be "all business" and a hard **** from the beginning. Dont take it personal.

                  Just be honest and available for her and you'll be fine, and so will your son.
                  Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over.


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                    Infinity- we all have every intention of doing everything she says. We just couldn't get clear answers when we were asking for clarification on some of it. We've heard horror stories about PO's looking for every reason to send people back.

                    My son wondered if she was just being as hard as possible right now to scare everyone at first. I hope so. We were polite and respectful to her- she was accusatory and argumentative to us.

                    We are praying for patience and wisdom for everyone- we get through it one way or the other.


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                      They do not like to give clear answers and commit to anything. They change the rules as the wind changes, because they can. But, its not just you/your son; most PO's I've known are this way, with everyone.

                      As long as your son follows the written Parole conditions and uses common sense on things that are questionable, he should be fine. But, yes, the PO's have high caseloads and love nothing more than to revoke someone and send them back to prison to get them off their caseload.
                      If he's ever stuck on making a decision if he can/cannot do something and its not written clearly in his conditions, he needs to call his PO for clarification and put the call on speaker phone so others hear the answer. If she is unavailable, he needs to request to talk to her supervisor to get an answer.
                      Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over.


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                        My husband is scheduled for release next month. The local Parole officer called yesterday and asked to come out today to do the home plan visit.

                        He brought another female officer with him. They walked in the living room to the kitchen. We sat at the kitchen table. He didnt know anything about my husbands case other than his charge.
                        He asked who lived here besides me and went over my husbands parole conditions for when he gets home.

                        I asked several questions, which he did not know the answers to about half of them.

                        They stayed about 30 min. then got up and walked back through the living room and left. They did not look around the house or walk through it or anything.

                        He told me we need to be at his office the day after my husband is released and gave me the time to be there, then he said "see you next month".
                        That was it.

                        I have stressed and prepared for this day for months. Cleaning my tail off and making sure everything was just perfect.
                        I wrote down all our questions my husband and I had and went over them, but like I said, the guy didnt know most of the answers! Go figure!!!

                        But, it was simple, quick, and its over! Now just 39 days to go until I pick him up!
                        Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over.


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                          Well i live here in texas and for us it was simple.. i stressed and stressed about every detail but it all worked out.. no home visit was done except for them coming to install the box attached to the phone cause he was going to be on a monitor.. I live in an apartment.. no lease was needed no marriage licence to prove anything.. came in connected box and left.. and even once he was out the PO didnt do SH*t.. i wish he would have a little more and kept this man on his toes but no the po would come stand out side ask HIM if he had any problems and took off. my husband made sure he was at the appointments he needed to be at on time.. followed most of the rules and we never had a problem with the PO. I think everyone is different but from my exeperience it was simple.. good luck to you all who have someone going home.. its a great time enjoy it all!
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                            What are some good questions to ask them when they come? Im still new to this whole thing, and mine gets out in sept, and i want to make everything as smooth as i can for him.