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  • Issues with ICSolutions

    After using ICSolutions for years (Prepaid Account) using either a credit or debit card they have suddenly told me I have to use cash only???????? What the heck? I'm guessing that the reason is that lately I have been putting much smaller amounts than usual on my accounts and they don't want to fuss with it when it's a small amount. In fact I'm sure that's what is behind this. So now I have a problem. It looks like they only take credit/debit cards and Western Union only takes payments for commissary for KDOC, or so their web page said. What a pain? Has anyone else had this problem?

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    wow I have never heard of that. Not even here in Michigan. Sounds a bit risky to me.
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      Okay, so now I have discovered that someone else's bad credit has somehow been connected to mine. I don't understand how but it seems that's what's happened. I keep telling them that's nothing to do with me but no, they won't listen. They are not budging on saying 'cash only'. I think I'm going to try another company I've seen listed by the kdoc people but I think they are more expensive - aaaaaugh! I don't need this.