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Email your loved ones!!!

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  • Email your loved ones!!!

    Here is the link for emailing your loved ones incarcerated in Kansas:

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    I'm new to this website. My man is in RDU in El Dorado right now. I've been sending him letters every day since he was moved there last Tuesday. I received one letter from him but still no phone calls. How long does it take before they can call? And also, I just emailed him for the first time today. How long does it usually take before they receive the emails and can respond?



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      Hello, RDU is a tricky place, they dont have access to alot of the things they will access to when they get to the prison they will do there time at, if im not mistaking they dont have access to the jpay site until they are out of RDU, as for phone calls none until they get to the prison, it sucks all you have is well the mail basically. It takes times and patient, and its tough, but when he gets where he is going he will be able to access all the email and put in his phone list to call you. Take care


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        once you set up an email how long does it take for a response