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need help asap re: icare packages @ marion county jail

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  • need help asap re: icare packages @ marion county jail

    My loved one is in Marion County jail only for a few days for court. He said that someone in there told him that icare packages ordered are received the very next business day. It sounded odd so I called and they said 3 business days at LEAST. Does anyone here have any experience with this? They have a very clear no refunds policy so I don't want to waste time/money...obviously. LOL

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    When I ordered my boyfriends icare package it took almost two weeks to get to him...So if he is only there for a few days...I wouldnt waste the money


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      That is what I was thinking...thanks Kim!!!


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        I've never heard of anybody getting them in less than two weeks. Thats the average time on the ones I send
        Anything worth having is worth waiting and working for....HE IS WORTH IT


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          He is getting his info from another inmate in there...the icare rep told me no way he could get it overnight.