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Menard correctional center Illinois

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  • Menard correctional center Illinois

    Is there anyone will their L/O in Menard Correctional Center? My husband is there and would like friends with same.

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    Hello my L/o is in Menard


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      My boyfriend just got transferred from Graham to Menard 2 weeks ago. He is in seg. He was also in the x house at Menard in October. I have been doing a lot of reading about Menard, and I know my friends are tired of hearing about him, so it would be nice to have someone to talk to about what is going on. How long has your husband been there? What house is he in? Have you been getting mail, calls, and/or visits? How have you been handling the lockdown?


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        my fiance is there & I miss him deaply it is very expensive 4 even calls


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          My boyfriend is in East house. He has been there since December. The mail is a lot better now. Calls are also coming in. They are if lockdown but they all say within a month they will be back on.


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            does anyone still use this forum? I see the most recent posts are from 2013? My bf is at Menard.....he was at Stateville before that - he's hoping to transfer closer to Chicago but honestly getting your hopes up is usually not a good thing so far.... he's in north house- he is supposed to call me tomorrow so I'll ask him but I am like 99 percent sure it's north but maybe East house...