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Marriage license for inmate wedding

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  • Marriage license for inmate wedding

    Ok, so I have read the portion of the inmate handbook regarding prison marriage within the department of corrections.. but what I am having a hard time figuring out is what counties will grant a marriage license to a couple who are looking to have a prison wedding. So far all of the counties I have researched have said that both parties have to be present. Do any of y’all know of any counties that will make accommodations for prison couples such as providing a copy of the application and other forms needed to the inmate via mail? My fiancé is in prison and he won’t get out til 2022 and originally we were gonna wait til he got out(prior to him being denied a PED) so now the topic of marriage while he’s incarcerated has come up. Before we get our hopes up I wanted to see what our options were. Thanks in advance! I hope someone has some help for me.

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    To get help with your answers about Marriages in Georgia DOC you need to speak with the Chaplain there, they are the ones with the answers on marriages in the facility.

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