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    So my Loved One is in Lee Arrendale,
    She said that many people in there are having issues with their Jpay tablet not synching correctly.

    Her tablet was a little old, and she noted that the new tablets were working fine it was the older ones after an update that stopped synching. So we brought her another one - was just wondering if anyone around here would know how many months we have to wait for a new one to be delivered? I mean she had a support ticket in for two months and nothing at all from JPay and considering that, and the fact there are 5 kiosks and over 100 people hardly any correspondance is forthcoming because its near impossible to get time on them.

    Was hoping someone may have some idea of when a new tablet would be delivered to her?

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    I would suggest she ask if she needs to turn the other Tablet in before they send out another one to her, I read there is a process the Tablet goes through before being sent out so it can take up to 45 days from date of purchase

    I found this as well:
    Keep in mind, your loved one can only have one tablet.* However, if he/she currently has a JP5 device, only he/she could upgrade or purchase a new tablet from the kiosk.* This is often the reason why people don’t see the option to buy a JP5 device on

    hope this helps
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