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Miami Mega Jail/BBS Special Awful report.

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  • Miami Mega Jail/BBS Special Awful report.

    Have any of you looked at the BBC special report
    by Louis Theroux. Miami county prison and jails
    /state is getting horrible reactions as to how
    the inmates are housed and live. HORRIBLE.
    They have them caged up 24 to a cell like animals.
    It is dehumanizing some of the guys have unknown
    rashes on them 1 shower 2 toilets among 24 MEN OMG!
    Really sickening. This includes the pretrial detention
    center as well. We pay our tax dollars for this????
    You should check it out! Especially if you have loved
    ones are there.

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    My hunny was there about 3 years ago, he told me it was worse then he has ever dealt with and he has been there, county on this coast... federal years back and immiagration... he said he would take this over miami any day...
    *I may not have been there from the start but I sure will be there until the end! Yo Te Amo Mi Amor Siempre Y Para Siempre*

    Yo te amo mi esposo siempre y para siempre <3 02.14.2011 <3