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BS with DADE CI and CBS/Secureus

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  • BS with DADE CI and CBS/Secureus

    just a heads up to anyone else out there.

    my man had to update his list to get his moms new address/number added to it (she moved to a new state between the time he could update his list)

    mind you, that i was the FIRST person on his new list, and that my number nor address changed..

    yet somehow CBS messed this up, and for the last 2 weeks i have had dade and CBS pointing the finger at each other back and forth, without anyone bothering to step up and figure out what was going on.

    i finally had to threaten to file a lawsuit for discrimination (as i found it really odd he could call anyone but me, and frankly i got the feeling it had something to do with the fact that we just so happen to be gay).

    not sure if anyone else has run into this kind of crap or not, but if you do, make sure you ask to speak to the CBS rep who actually enters the phone list or their supervisor, because the morons entered the information in the computer but coudlnt bother to activate it, or take any responsibility for their failure to do so.
    deleted my ticker, as i now have no clue when hes coming home =(
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    They are a nightmare and I believe the
    Doc and this billing company does not
    know their left from right hand.
    Sorry for the hard-time and trust me
    they can be rude and a mess with any
    body who has a loved one behind the gate.
    I hope all works out for you is your man
    in the county or prison?? Just curious because
    that could of been where they messed up at.

    Keep your faith
    and your head held high.



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      I have been trying to get this phone business out for over a year. Bill's first two requests went mysteriosly astray, now i've finally been aproved and he's getting a 'restricted number' message. I'm in Australia and it's a nightmare trying to get anything done long distance. My Friend is at Taylor. I'm planning to visit for the first time in September, it would be nice to talk to him before i go. letters take a fortnight or more.
      Sorry to hear you're having trouble too, I thought it was the international aspect that was causing the trouble.