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  • Any Suggestions?

    My name is Anabel and I live in San Diego. I want to visit my fiance who is at Taft. I actually wanted to rent a hotel so that I could visit him atleast 2 days in a row with out having to come back to San Diego. If you have any advice or tips PLEASE feel free to let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Wow, I see no one else responded, maybe no one else here has a love one at the same location, and I see you posted this back in November and probably visited already but I will still post.

    I live in Georgia and my man was located in PA. My first trip to see my man I did exactly what you asked about. I flew there and rented a car, got a hotel for 2 days so I could visit back to back. After visitation was over I rode around and did a little shopping and found a nice place to have dinner. That was a bit emotional, kind of sad to sit and eat by myself, just made me miss my man even more so if you feel you will have the same results you might want to opt for fast food . I even found a few little spots to browse around in and actually purchased a few things. After you decide on where you will stay, do a search and find out if there's a Walmart or Target near by, maybe even the closest mall with a movie theater. I can always browse around in Target or Walmart and end up with a few things in my cart!!

    Hope this helps for your next visit and many more to come!!
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      hi anabel, my name is april and my hubby is in taft. you have probably already been there but if not, you will see that there isn't much there! I have stayed at the holland inn in taft and it wasn't bad--the building is really old but it was decent! I stayed in Bakersfield once too but the drive time to get to the prison wasn't worth what i saved on the hotel-plus it wasn't very nice. Next time i go (next month) i am staying in maricopa-still not much to do so at least i have my son and mom to keep me company!! good luck on your travels there!


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        Hotel Info

        Hi Anabel:

        My name is Felicia, I live in Washington State. I make a trip to Taft once a year to see my fiance. There is a hotel just a few miles from the Corrections Center. It is alright, we've stayed there every time we made our trip down that way, I think it is a Motel 6 or something like that.


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          Hello I found that looking up hotels on price line and asking for a cheap price. worked for me. the kids and I would come down for really low cost. I commuted from Az for the first few months. I now live in Bakersfield. so it anyone needs any info. let me know.


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            im in the same situation but from nevada my husband is currently in taft ci plan on visiting him soon it is a small place i dropped him off this site helps out a lot i hope u had a great visit


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              what part of nevada are you from?

              I will be going to taft once every month, or every other month sometimes.... my brother in-law is there, I normally go the same day, and come back the same day, but I do stay there all 7+ hours


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                Hello All, my name is Juan my son just went to TAFT on August 11th
                when my wife and I drop him that day I notice a Motel 6 and Motel 8 right at the 257 exit from this exit to Taft I would think is like 20 minutes.
                can some one tell me how long we have to wait in order to visit my son?