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  • Dress code?

    I know no beige or white or hooded sweaters from what I read. Anything else I should stay away from? what about shoes?

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    Dress Code

    If you are planning to go to Taft to visit your loved one do not wear white or beige(khaki) color. Also you cannot wear flip-flops. All shoes must have a back strap. You cannot wear tanktops, haltertops or low cut shirts that show clevage. They will check you on all things, if you have one of these items on, they will not let you in and will probably send you to KMart to buy something appropriate. You should take a clear, see-thru handbag to put your money and keys inside. Make sure your name on your id matches the name they have on file for clearance and that the id is not expired. I have seen a few not go in due to these issues. Best wishes to you and take care. Silvia