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    Anyone interested in carpool? I live in Sacramento and drive to Taft every other weekend usually on Sundays and would like to know if anyone between Sacramento and Taft would like to carpool. I know how hard it is to get there for visits so I would be more then happy to help anyone who may need a ride to visit their loved ones. We would cut all gas expenses. Besides would love some company on those long drives .

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    I also live in sacramento and might be interested in carpooling. Also I was wondering if you could tell me about dress code I returned my form and forgot to keep dress code info. thank you


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      Hello I am looking for someone who has a car that lives in the sacramento area that can pick me up to go to and from the solano prison area in vacaville. I am willing to cut in half the gas expenses. I am trying to visit asap!


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        hello im replying to this message for my mother-inlaw who would be needing a ride to see her husband at anytime conveniant for you. Please feel free to contact her at (916)362-4966...doris jones...thank you for your time.


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          carpool to everything "ALONG on the way" to solano twice a month.

          i'll be traveling up to solano county starting in May leaving from the los angeles area. Anyone wanting to carpool {pitching in on gas}, email me I'll be going up twice a month leaving on Fridays and returning on Sundays. Willing to pick up along "the way". I'm open to dropping off to other prisons "designated area" along the way to Solano and return to pick up" in a designated area" on my way back to the los angeles area. I'm not a smoker have to no grip if you are. Have no ill feelings if the radio is on or off. I'm not traveling with children and have no issues if you are or aren't!.


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            Need to see if i can carpool

            i live in oroville i just moved here from minnesota my boyfriend is in the solano prison need help getting there every weekend will pay for gas need help asap ty dont have family here and i know no body just until i can get my own car