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visiting a new prisoner and contacting the prison for questions

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  • visiting a new prisoner and contacting the prison for questions

    1.My husband was just moved to Taft. Is there a waiting period before he can have visitors? Do we need to call ahead and make arrangements? If so, who do we call and what is the number?

    2. Our daughter is moving to Europe and will not return for many years. How do we find out what days her father can be visited at Taft? Do they ever get special privileges for visitors beyond that limitation, with special situations?

    When he was in a county jail, holding, it was so easy to go to their website or call them for questions. All I see for Taft Federal are the many on-line forums.

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    I need info too, my husband just got transfered there


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      My brother in law is in FCI taft...
      and it takes about 1 week to get approved to go and visit
      if your not married to the inmate he has to send you a visiting application
      if you are married, they just add you on their visiting list with their councelor (this is how it was 6 months ago)
      they have visit thursdays, fridays, saturdays, sundays, and mondays from 7am to 3pm and can stay the full day, however they go off points. they have a certain amount of visiting points to use up a month, and if you go saturday and sunday it uses up more points than week days. but you still get alot of visit. I like it, its peaceful and the guards are very lay back! no hooded sweaters jackets no beige or white t shirts.
      and for those visiting taft camp, its the same buizness with visiting.


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        Does someone know how long is the process when they first get there how long do they have to wait before they comunicate with their love ones?