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Divorce in AZ

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  • Divorce in AZ

    Hello​ my fiance is currently in Alhambra I don't know where there going to transfer him to. He's currently married filed for divorce four months ago when he tried to serve her she was hiding we kept getting it returned so that took a month that's when he got arrested now about to serve a year and six months. They have a child together and she tries to say the other one is his also he was in jail when the last one was born the little girl has his last name and he didn't sign the birth certificate nor were they married now that this divorce process is about to happen she went and got sole custody of both because he's incarcerated and they dismissed the case since there was no proof of service so now we have to start the process over again how would that work since he's in prison can he get a DNA while he is in prison? This has been very overwhelming for us we have three children together ages 3,4, 8m and it's been hard without him here he just want to get this over with and stay away from her she's nothing but trouble never lets him see his 9 yr old because he moved on and what I mean by trouble is she's always trying to find a way to get him arrested can anyone give me advice please. Thanks

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    I dear. How are you now? I pray that everything goes nice for you.