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Merry Christmas from Arizona

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  • Merry Christmas from Arizona

    Today was a great day! I went back to the Southwest & spent my day with my nephews. The boys have grown so much since I left in May... Even brought my dog with me... Had that sense of feeling that everything was like it was before the move... Even better, my soon to be ex husband didn't call. He's making my decision of a life without him harder than it needs to be... I'm tired of the lies & deceit, I missed being happy while I was with him... I sent my Vato some erotic mail with the aid of hoochy mail I'm happy & content right now... I have snail mail waiting for me from my man & now I can't wait to get home... I didn't receive much for Christmas & I was able to bring a few things for my boys & spoiled them with sweets... night & Merry Christmas & have a great New Year!!!

    “Don’t carry your mistakes around with you. Instead lay them on the ground and use them as stepping stones so you can rise above them.”

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    Merry Christmas!!!!!
    Anything worth having is worth waiting and working for....HE IS WORTH IT