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Anyone know anyone in Otisville, NJ?

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  • Anyone know anyone in Otisville, NJ?

    This is sort of a strange request, but bear with me.

    I was released recently from prison. I did 3 years in the Puppies Behind Program and raised 4 explosives detection canines, all of which I loved dearly. One was transferred to another facility because her personality (adorable floppy lab, very loving, but not motivated to do searches--very obedient puppy that I taught over 50 commands to) was better suited to being a service dog for the handicapped. We don't train service dogs at our facility, only EDCs. So, I had to say goodbye to her as the pup I trained and loved was shipped off to Otisville. I often wonder if she's doing OK. She had a lot of medical problems and separation anxiety when she was a young puppy and I hope her transition to her new handler went OK. I don't know anyone in Otisville and was hoping someone else might, so I could just get a short update on her? I don't want to harass anyone to keep in touch with me or have them think I want to be a long-term penpal. PBB does not give us updates on how dogs we've raised are doing at other facilities, so this is the only way. Can someone please help? I loved that puppy and just want to know she adjusted OK where she's at and is doing well in her service dog training. I don't have the name of her new handler in Otisville, was just hoping someone might know someone who knew someone in PBB there.