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  • Carpooling to prisons

    Trust me i know getting to up to the prisons there at is hard, costly, and taxing on the body and emotions. Lately ive been getting replies about prisons i dont go to but i do have a site that may help. Ive been using to find other women who carpool to the same prisons i go to. Ive never had a problem but my suggestion is be safe, discuss expenses before hand, use your common sense, etc. The site can be a lil confusing at first but should easier to use after a while.

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    I am surprised that there aren't more posts on here from people, especially women, seeking rides or offering rides to prisons to see family and loved ones. I know I have posted to offer a ride and looked for ride shares to get to where my man is, which is an 8 hour drive in Colorado. Anyways, there are obviously other sites and places to look for such things. I will be making this trip one last time in a few weeks as he is getting released. It's been a long 2 years, and I am so happy and excited to have him come home!!